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About Us

Why Salsa?


Raiche's Vermont Make Salsa became a reality six years ago when Mary Jane looked out at her home garden and wondered what she was going to do will all her tomatoes.  After looking at family recipe books she decided to try her hand at making salsa.  With great feed back from family and many friends, Raiche's Vermont Made Salsa came to life! Through Bob & Mary Jane's connections they quickly spread the word about the  salsa and it soon began to sell itself! 

Who are the Raiche's?


Bob & Mary Jane Raiche are loving parents to 4 beautiful children and 2 grandchildren.  From owning and operating a dairy farm (while raising their family), to now making Salsa, the Raiche's are NOT strangers to hard work. 

               All ingredients are FRESH and each jar is hand-packed to ensure the taste is rich to the palate.  

 Try your first jar today, you will NOT be disappointed!

The Grandsons!


Our future Salsa makers!

Odin and Andrew!